August Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds

31 Jul August Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds


This month is set to be one of the most dramatic months of the year with some major astrological events.

It will surely be a month to reveal to us some truths and also call on us to step into the often unused powers of sensitivity, understanding and leadership.

I will list the planetary events & then talk about what we need to understand & how we can work constructively with this energy.

The Lunar eclipse at the beginning of the month on the 8th of August. This is when part of the Earths shadow will cover the Moon. It begins at 4:20am & is finished at 6:50am. It will be visible in Australia, Europe and Most of Africa also parts of South America. This will be in Aquarius so people with Aquarius energy in their chart will be mostly impacted. 

A Lunar eclipse is a time to go within and reflect ask “what are the needs of my soul”. Seeking nourishment on the deepest levels in this week a few days before the 8th & then afterwards. WE are all being called to consider our humanitarian nature with this eclipse. To work positively with it I would say we can all seek ways of bringing the humanitarian pursuits into our daily lives. 

Mercury will retrograde from 13th of August until the 5th of September. This will be in Virgo, so the exciting thing about Mercury taking time to retrograde here is that we can now focus on the details of the projects we have at hand. This is a slow down of energy in an Earth sign, so if plans don’t run smoothly at this time trust this is because there is a better plan. So look for more detail & create a more perfect plan. If you can in this period avoid signing contracts, as there is a caution of finer details being missed, this could slow you down in the long run. Consider delaying any contracts until the 5th of September & spend time to find the points that are missing.

We have the Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August. This is where the Moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun. Doesn’t that sound so cool?? I think of it like this… The universe is a freeway & the planets are all flying along in there lanes like cars. The Sun is on the far left lane and the Earth is on the far right & then all of a sudden the Moon comes racing along and over takes them both in the middle lane. 

This will be a beautiful full eclipse visible from Africa, Europe, Canada and America. 

A solar eclipse often brings us an uncomfortable energy & often a feeling of dread. It is a moment of time where we truly connect with the outer planets in our universe and feel our place in the solar system. 

This will be as the Sun finishes its time in Leo. Leo as a fire sign at the time of the eclipse it is being blocked by the water ethereal Moon energy. 

Therefore it can feel as though we were operating in the light & all of a sudden someone turned the lights out. One of my favourite lines from my celtic runes is where “You realise the person on the operating table is you”. Mark this day in your diary & plan time to look at “ what is going on for me right now.” 

Review your current life situation & also the people who are in your life. Are you ridiculously happy? Then the question is “how can I show my gratitude?” 

If life isn’t where you want it to be & your not so happy, allow this eclipse to take you into yourself, go to your inner wisdom & write out a few options ad the things you want, need or can do to change your situation. You will need some quiet time alone for this. When the light is turned back on you will have a way to move forward. 

Avoid moving forward or projecting your forward movement & change until the 5th of December.

Be the observer then & watch to see what is presented to you. Often after an eclipse new people come out of the shadows to assist you in life.

The Sun moves into Virgo on the 23rd of August while Mercury is retrograde. We could feel a bit of a push pull energy at this time with the Sun giving us energy to move forward & set new goals while Mercury is creating challenges in communication. Use this Earth energy for the last week of the Month to take time out. As it’s an Earth sign,being in the body is the key to connect with this energy flow also to avoid unnecessary delays, road blocks or frustration. This means exercise at the end of August so that you feel your body. Whether its running, boxing or yoga find the exercise that matches your needs and go for it this week. A great week to plan a detox or health retreat.

Finally Saturn turns direct on the 26th of August. This is the energy of getting serious & creating a solid structure for our next phase that will play out in the final months of this year. Saturn turned retrograde on the 6th of April. So look back on the lessons you have learnt in that time & move forward integrating those lessons, using them in your life. This means the Saturn retrograde has served you well.

So as we can see a major month of planetary movement. We will see the impacts on a major scale around the world and feel them in our personal worlds as well. 

Above all I believe there are two energies we can look to this month to help us navigate the weeks ahead. The Sun is Leo which calls on us to look to our leadership qualities. If we can become the leaders we admire & look up to then we will be operating this month through our higher energies and this will serve us to move through the month powerfully. Think of driving a Tesla car… highest standards, latest technology, choosing to impact the world positively to create change. Make yourselves the Tesla car.

At the same time working with the Venus in Cancer energy. Sensitive, intuitive and nurturing. If you feel sensitive about a situation don’t block it choose to honour it & make healthy decisions from that energy. Think of the stereotypical grandmother or grandfather who just knows what you need, what your going through & gives you either a hug or bakes your favourite cake just at the right time. Be that energy for yourself & those around you this month & you will be strong & feel supported to spring forward in September.

For a more personal consultation and greater understanding or guidance I’d love to work with you on own birth chart. This way we can see exactly how the planets are impacting you directly….

For consultations in Sydney, Australia email me at [email protected] I am also available for consultations via Skype.

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Big Love and Peace,

Zoe Yelds


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