Australian Women in New York x Prema Workshop

29 May Australian Women in New York x Prema Workshop

On May 21, a group of lucky Aussie women joined salon owner Francesco Ruggerino and his talented team for a glass of wine and a fun session of hair styling advice for the busy New Yorker.

It’s no secret that this city’s climate (hello humidity) and pollution can play havoc on your hair. So stylists Dale and Linda ran through a number of creative ways to keep your hair looking fabulous without any hassle.


With the help of hair models Kylie and Dolores, we were shown ways to maintain a blow out for the next day (loose Princess Leia buns and a shower cap, of course), breathe life into limp hair with a few braids and some heat, how to tame unruly curls with the help of a hair scarf, as well as how to apply product. Did you know there is a right and wrong way to spray? There is.


Head over to Australian Women in New York for the full article!

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