Hair | Want to explore with creative hair colours? Read this first!

09 Jul Hair | Want to explore with creative hair colours? Read this first!


Prema New York is quickly becoming known as the go to salon in the Lower East Side for clients looking for an on-trend fantasy hair color and a quick peek through corner shop front window will tell you why.

Senior Colourist Anna Rose is our resident lavender lover, Dale rocks tennis ball yellow hair which actually glows in the dark and newest addition to the team, Natalie, has pastel pink with lilac ends accentuating her long razored bob. From heavily layered royal blue with turquoise balayage to deep gun metal grey – they’ve seen and created it all.

Demand for colouring hair in these off-the-richter shades is growing by the day. Both Anna Rose and Nat agree denser shades are becoming hugely popular, especially in hues on the cooler side of the colour wheel:

“Smokey violets, cool denim blues and dirty grays are at the top of everyone’s list this summer leading into fall,” says Natalie.

Before you start picking out swatches from the Dulux stand at the local hardware store (which is not a bad way to get inspired for your next due) there are a few things to keep in mind for before, during and after your creative colour process from the team that has seen it all:


“Creating many colours requires a clean, often close to white base colour which means, pre-lightening” warns Anna Rose. “The darker your hair is the harder it is to get light and especially hard if it’s dark due to years of permanent hair colour that has built up which means you’re likely to have a problem getting it light enough to carry some of those on trend shades”. Here are some of Anna’s tips on how to prep your hair for the best result:

  • Condition, Condition, Condition! Have a steady routine with good quality hair care like Goldwell’s Rich Repair Anti-Breakage Condition and TIGI’s Reborn Range to ensure your hair is able to withstand the processing it will go through when bleaching.
  • Say No To Chemical Straightening Chemical straightening like Japanese straightening and chemical relaxers (Keratin is ok) is a big no when it comes to pre-lightening. There is no guessing which way your hair will go or if there will be any left on your head by the end. Any good hairdresser will steer you away from lightener and give you a few alternatives.




“When moving your colour over to the bright side, keep your mind open,” Anna Rose advises.

The available tones you can achieve are 100% based on what lies beneath. If you already have colour in your hair, a good colourist will do a strand test to see what’s possible. 

  • Get Tested Test strands require 30-45 mins of your time in salon. Book in for a consultation and the colourist will pop in a fine foil with lightener to test you hair to see how it reacts. This is the only way we can take the guess work out of your colour and make sure both you and your colourist are sure about the possibilities.
  • Treat It  The Goldwell Dual Senses in salon colour lock treatment is the perfect way to keep your colour on a tight leash – and on your head.



Best ways to look after your new colourful hue:

  • Put down that bottle One to two shampoo’s a week is plenty
  • Hold the heat Any heat will open the cuticle and allow colour to disconnect from the outer layer of your hair significantly reducing the length of time the colour holds
  • Cold Keeps It Bold  These colours are only temporary (4-6 weeks) as the molecule sits just on the outside layer of your hair. Like heat styling, hot water will mean the colour will come away from your hair and down the drain. Cold water closes the cuticle back up which means it reflects the light more evenly while adding loads of shine.
  • 4-6 Weeks Max Between Colour  Anything over 6 weeks could mean a band of colour that doesn’t lift to the right level, leaving an obvious demarcation throughout the colour.

Lastly, a tip our wise colour gurus have learned over the years:

Avoid the Walk of Shame! Make sure your bed and bath sheets are darker shades or else you’re going to have to do a lot of washing post date-mortem.  

For whole shoot click here.

 Article written by the Prema NYC team (Dale, Anna Rose, Natalie)
Edited by Ida Almasi

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