Get the Look | D.W.N.S | MBFW15 | Directed by Prema

17 Apr Get the Look | D.W.N.S | MBFW15 | Directed by Prema

The first runway collection for Don’t Want No Scrubs is hard edge street vibe which the hair aimed to reflect. After looking at images of the look book Prema Hair director, Dale Delaporte, decided with the designers that hair had to have a fuck-the-world vibe. Pulling the hair back to give the appearance of an uncared for undercut mullet to reflect the street essence of the collection help achieve this. The show was held at a car park in Kings Cross, keeping in essence with the grunginess of the designs.




  1. Divide hair from ear to ear at crown to create front and back sections.
  2. Pin away front section and begin to prep back with TIGI Bodifying Spray section by section and blowdry using Mason Pearson directing up toward crown.
  3. When dry, brush into extremely slick pony at crown and secure with hat elastic in centre.
  4. Repeat steps for front section.
  5. Fill pony with TIGI Transforming Dry Shampoo, backcomb and loosely knot both ponytails together unstructured but neatly to create extra height and shape at crown but not a classic bun/alien shape and pin very securely.



  1. Place front lace on hairline and secure with gold fringe pins at front, sides and back.
  2. Criss-cross over fringe pins with gold bobby pins to secure.
  3. Fold over loose side behind ear with bobby pins to look flush and flawless.
  4. After aligning fringe, cut fringe and remove any leftover weight from the back.
  5. Load hair, including fringe with TIGI Transforming Dry Shampoo and pull into shape.
  6. Finish with TIGI Work It Hairspray to hold.



  • Tuck a tiny bit of hair over ear and allow hair to sit on shoulders.
  • Silhouette should be elongated, but not wide from the front.
  • Keep ends through the back stringy, but strong. Not wispy.





Photos by Sally Patty.

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