February Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds

01 Feb February Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds



February begins with the first new moon of the year in Aquarius. Happy New Year!!

A new Moon is all about new beginnings. It’s the beginning of the Moons cycle & therefore is a great time to get things started!

With the New Moon energy in Aquarius, we look to do things in either a rebellious or innovative way. So to work well with this energy at the start of the year, look at what you’d like to achieve or create for the year ahead & how can you do it differently. Change the way we live & our lives will change, it’s the best energy to promote positive growth. What a great start to the month!

We will also have the eclipses begin a cycle for the year ahead this month. The first is the Lunar Eclipse 10/11th. Now the Moon has moved into the sign of Leo. 

This is when the shadow of the Earth will block the Moon. However the Sun’s light will still shine onto it, so it will still look much like a normal Full Moon. A lunar eclipse often affects our emotional energy, if you feel a bit low or a bit flat at this time, work with the fire energy of Leo. Light some candles, drink a warming spiced tea & eat some chilli chocolate. The fire element will help at this time to lift your spirits. If others are emotional around you then encourage them at it is just a passing energy & also to work with the fire element.

Fire is a great transforming energy so if your open to letting go of some old stuck emotions with this eclipse write on a piece of paper the wounds to your soul & then burn the paper. Offering the old painful, emotional energy up into the ether to be removed from your energy systems.

The solar eclipse will occur at the end of the month on the 26th of February. This is when the Moon will pass in between the Earth & the Sun & blocks the Sun. The Sun will be in the water sign of Pisces.  Pisces is the wise old sage energy of the zodiac with the accumulated knowledge of all of the previous signs. 

On or around the 26th of February would be the perfect time to seek out a psychic if you dare…or buy yourself some tarot cards. Also a great time to connect with your dreams, as they will offer you insights at this time. A solar eclipse often affects our physical energy, so take it easy on the 26th of February & try not to over exert yourself. Take a break & tune out, checking into our inner beings for the day, even if it means a little day dreaming that will be the perfect way to work with this solar eclipse in Pisces energy.

At the time of the eclipse we feel a drop or darkening of energy as the Sun, Earth & Moon often align & block each other. These dates can be days of frustration where projects might slow down or stop or you can’t quite see a way forward. People around you might also slow down or just not work as cohesively as usual.

If you do feel this energy working on you at the time of the eclipses, then take heart & know you are in the flow of energy that is beyond your control. 

Slow yourself down & let go a little bit. Change the expectations you have of yourself & others over the days of an eclipse, and you will pass through it gracefully.

As the Sun, Moon & Earth continue on their own orbits, they will move away from each other again and the energy will begin to open up & lighten up. 

The days after each eclipse are where the magic happens. As the light returns and the energy starts moving, we can often have major discoveries. It can literally be like someone turning the light back on & you realise you’ve been operating in the dark with out knowing it. Things come to light that are unexpected and cannot have been planned.

This month pay particular attention to what happens to you and those around you on the days & weeks just after the eclipse of the Moon on 10/11th & then also the Sun on 26th.

The things that happen & come to light for you are true gifts & often the direction of what’s install for you in the year ahead. These are insights in what direction to take, how we can understand a situation at a deeper level or sometimes the people in which we will grow & learn with in the year ahead.

A very special month ahead!

If you want to know more or go deeper into how these eclipses will play out for you in your own chart, contact me for a consultation.

I’d love to work with you!

Happy New Year!

Big Love & Peace,



To connect with your own unique chart & set a plan for 2017 email me for a consultation  at [email protected]

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