February Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds

07 Feb February Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds



February is truly a mixed bag of planetary energy with the eccentric, rebellious energy of Aquarius stirring the pot. Add into the mix the Lunar Eclipse at the end of January 31st then the Solar Eclipse on the 15th of February. A month where the darker & the lighter qualities of our nature are challenged.

The eclipse season has certainly caught me by surprise this year. A true indication of Aquarius energy where we are often caught by surprise.

I think the last few days of January could bring some unexpected events or surprises…

If you have had a hard time at the end of January leading into February then this energy is working on your life to start a process of change. My best advice is to use the sensitive power of the Cancer energy to get through. This means allow your intuition to guide you and if your feeling emotional let it flow. There will be changes in our lives this year that is certain, so with this eclipse season beginning we need to develop the skill of going with the flow with too much control. Trust yourself and your gut feelings to guide you and you will be in the powerful flow of the Lunar and Solar eclipses.

February begins just after the first Lunar Eclipse for 2018 on the 31st if January.

Without doubt this eclipse month will set the cycle for the year ahead. As the moon is transitioning from the season of Cancer into Leo we might experience and emotional end to January with the need to let go, to run away or escape the every day and find a sense of freedom.

Th is is because the month of February begins with the full Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius.

In the weeks after the Eclipse see what suddenly comes to light or what people pop up out of no where to help you on your path. Quite often after sometime in  darkness we are illuminated…so be aware of what suddenly presents itself to you after the eclipse.

This will impact us all but will especially impact this with a Sun, Moon or Rising sign Leo. If this is you, you may find your usual Confidence is not as strong at the beginning of the month or you may find yourself in a confrontation. To work gracefully through the beginning of the month tune into the natural leadership qualities you possess and let go of being in control.

If you have Aquarius + Leo in your chart this is a year of major change for you. You may feel a little “in the dark” or “unclear” of what direction to take. Allow things to be illuminated for you in time rather that feeling the need to be a decision maker.

This Moon energy is in Leo and will ask us to have fun & enjoy the month ahead once we have had our moment in the dark.

As the moon is eclipsed on the 31st of January it may be a little harder than usual to feel the Leo energy. To “lighten up” and spend time with the people we love the most. Letting go of anyone or any situation that feels heavy or dull.

I believe this lunar eclipse could also serve as a cautionary messenger. Every zodiac sign has a positive and negative or light and dark aspect. As the moon is being eclipsed in Leo we look at the darker energy of Leo to gain insights into what may be present.

The lighter side to Leo is fun loving and carefree. The darker aspect is the need to control and dominate. This at its strongest can be the abuse of power. We all have the light and dark energy within us. Therefore with this eclipse we are getting a moment of time to look to see if we are being controlled or are we the controller. This will be activated or highlighted to us this month through people, situations or events.

It’s happening on a grand scale in world politics at the moment and we are living through a change in the balance of power.

To be in the flow of this eclipse we need to look at the politics we each play out on a personal level, either in our families and friends or workplace and look to empower others rather than dominate them. Empowering is the key.

Shifting our own ways of dealing with others will set up a change of energy that like the butterfly effect has the potential to change the world we live in.

This is therefore the darkness being brought into the light again. Just as after the eclipse the is radiant moon returns again.

When we acknowledge the darker sides to our nature with understanding we grow and become more compassionate. When we deny the darker qualities the energy becomes blocked and we can become destructive instead of constructive.

This is the message of the Lunar Eclipse in Leo & later once the eclipse is over, the return to to lighter aspects of the Leo energy can come through. We can lighten up and find some moments to have some fun with the people we love the most.

As well as the Moon energy working on us with the first eclipse we have Sun is in Aquarius at the start of the month carried through from the tail end of January.

This is great energy for change and will if you allow it open up new adventures and pathways.

If you are being presented with an opportunity for change something in your life, this energy will assist it. So I would say if your deliberating or sitting on the fence, it’s time to move forward. This month is the time to go for it!

Aquarius energy can often be experienced as chaotic or erratic. This is liberating for those with air signs who are Aquarians, Librans & Gemini’s.

They will all be feeling an injection of energy that could manifest in new idea’s.

Creativity is heightened by Aquarian energy so if you’re looking to start any creative pursuit or simply need a boost, use this month to get started. Find out which one of your friends has an Aquarian star sign & spend time with them. You’ll be in for a fun & wild ride! Venus & Mercury are also in Aquarius at the start of the month adding communication & value to this unpredictable energy.

It can be disruptive and challenging as much as its fun. We need to work out and be clear on what is constructive and therefore using the energy positively and what is destructive. If your feeling the energy is destructive the question the quality or the motive in the situation and look for a constructive solution.

If you are having a hard time at the start of the month & feel overwhelmed, don’t worry. This energy will change as well. Understand that whatever changes are happening in your life are happening as part of the bigger plan for your life. Look for the unique inventive ways to solve your challenges & you’ll come out of it well.

We will have the Solar Eclipse on the 15th of February in Aquarius. On our around this date we need to expect the unexpected. Aquarius energy can be like a bolt of lightening shocking and powerful. We may become quite rebellious and push for change with this energy as well.

If you are faced with sudden changes in your life on this eclipse or a sudden ending to a situation this is a positive shift. Sometimes it takes a lightening strike to force us to change.

If there is something that is stuck in your life that you are not facing or living into, I would recommend to start creating a shift and change the situation before the eclipse on the 15th. That way you can harness the energy of this powerful solar eclipse without having to be forced into the change.

Be rebellious in a constructive way instead of a destructive way and you are working well with the Sun + Aquarius + Eclipse energy.

The mixed bag of energy also comes from the placement of all of the planets.

This eclipse will affect those with Sun, Moon or Rising signs in Aquarius the most however it will create change for everyone in some ways.

Mars will be in Sagittarius giving us more motivation to travel & look for other places to be. This is in harmony with Aquarius & could add a little fuel to the fire if you’re in the creative zone…

Saturn has now moved into Capricorn and will be here until March 2020. Saturn in Capricorn is a very stern serious energy.

This energy will, for the next two years, ask us to get serious about the structure of our societies & how we live. This really is the point of major change for us as a species on planet Earth. To get the most out of this energy now more than ever is the time to set up solid foundations in our lives.

We need to get ourselves into a position where we are all living responsibly. This is a slow moving transit as it goes for just over two years. So to work with it, we need to make small adaptations & begin (if you haven’t already) building strong stable foundations. This is why you will be looking at what job your doing and is it the right job, does it work for you in the best way. Is your lifestyle working to give you vibrant health? Do we need to study and learn more to be better prepared to face the future. If your not Asking theses questions then I can guarantee you’ll know friend or family who are asking theses questions. This is healthy and we all should be adjusting to our world an evolving with this energy.

As the world moves & changes the new structures, lifestyles and the foundations we build now will be the basis of our long term survival.

Capricorn is an earth sign. So healing the Earth & being responsible for how we use this great planet to live on is so important.

When Saturn meets with Pluto in Capricorn in April 2019 we will be looking at either destruction or transformation. So the changes we make now are critical.

The challenge with the energy for us at the start of the month, is that Aquarius asks us to play and be rebellious while Capricorn asks us to be responsible & practical. So if you feel a bit of a push pull going on somewhere in your life this is good. As this is the energy we all have, stirring us up a bit.

Look at getting creative, creating change & having a good time while it’s balanced with responsibly and taking care of each other. This is then clashing energy working together. Sun + Aquarius + Saturn + Capricorn.

The second half of the month the beautiful watery energy of Pisces flows in.

The Sun & Mercury move into Pisces on the 19th. Now we are being challenged to open up at the end part of the month, to ancient wisdom or inner wisdoms. Speak to the older relatives in your family and ask them for their wisdom or guidance. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac & some say the wisest energy, as it is an accumulation of all the signs that have come before it. This is where the wisdom comes from.

Our dreams are often messages through Pisces so it’s a great time to have a pen & paper by the bed to write down anything that comes to you when you wake up.

Daydreaming will become stronger and the need to disconnect from the reality of the day to day. To stay on track allow yourself time in either the day or the week to just let go and dream. The Saturn in Capricorn energy will still be working in the background & will keep us grounded. Allow a little escapism at the end of the month & be sure to not let it get out of hand. There will be harsh lessons to learn if we let go completely into this Pisces energy.

This will affect us all however it will be a great boost for those with Sun, Moon or Rising signs in Pisces.

So you can see it is a real mixed bag of energy this month. Being graceful, having some fun, staying practical & responsible all at the same time.

If your feeling the pressure of this mixed bag I’d love you to book a consultation with me so we can look deeply into what is asking of for you. We can look at where you have Leo, Aquarius & Pisces energy in your chart. It could be in health, career, travel, relationships, learning ect… when you know your own chart you can make powerful choices. It’s a great tool to help you get the right results and be happier in yourself for the year ahead.

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