Great Lengths Extensions

21 Dec Great Lengths Extensions

Achieve instant gratification with Great Lengths Extensions! Available in our 3 salons worldwide, this service is fantastic for anyone wanting a quick change, whether it’s adding length and volume or color and dimension.


IMG_0288Addition of length and volume while maintaining a natural, seamless blend.


23F02114-38DD-4872-A01F-B39B389FDDC7Creating tonal dimension

IMG_0643Pastel peekaboo highlights without the commitment!

IMG_0176Dramatic addition of length!

IMG_0817Lengthening with multiple colors to achieve a subtle ombré effect


Added length and volume to fine hair to achieve bombshell results!


Pop into one of our 3 salons worldwide and book a consultation for Great Lengths Extensions!

Extensions by Natalie Elias

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