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Meet some of the team!

Meet Alice

Meet Alice. Alice came to Préma after 10 years of working in the hair industry, both as a dual operator, and as a sales representative for one of Australia’s most prestigious haircare brands. Alice now works alongside our Front of House team in our flagship salon in Bondi, where she also runs the recruitment sector for our Sydney salons.

“Préma is a collective group of individuals that work together as a family. We work hard and enjoy time out together as well. When we have challenges, we work with each other to move forward and grow. We love what we do. We aim to stay grounded and to celebrate individuality and creativity. We are always looking for talented, driven individuals that are keen to start their career in the industry. Building a team of people that understand the culture and team is so crucial to what we do here at Préma.”

The first step is to email Alice your resumé and then let her take it from there. We are open to all applicants; from those with no experience in the hair industry, to seasoned veterans who are looking for a new direction in their career. So, if you think you might be interested in coming to work with us, Alice would love to hear from you!

Meet Garreth

How long have you worked at Prema?

6.5 years

Why did you choose Prema? 

Looked at the website first, then liked the look of the salon. After standing outside watching the salon for 45 minutes I decided to go in. When I went into Prema, Johnny was putting a ‘staff wanted’ sign on the front and I told him to take it down. Haha I gave him my CV and ran away. That afternoon they called me for an interview and I spoke to Franc. The main thing I remember about the interview is that Franc said, “while you work for me, work for you. So what do you want from me working at Prema?” I told him what I wanted growth in the industry, to focus on styling more and eventually get into editorial styling.

Have they lived up to your expectations? 

Yes, I think it’s gone beyond my expectations because Prema has also changed as a company while I’ve worked here. I all the time I’ve been here, there’s not been a year I haven’t seen myself progress and be better than the year before.

What is the styling team like to work with?

Good, teamwork is probably the main focus. It’s about self-development as well as team development. No matter how good each person is they are always wanting to learn more.

We were out together the other night and a girl from another salon came up and asked if we all worked together. She said she was mesmerised watching us all together because we were having so much fun. She said at the end of the day in her salon everyone just leaves and no one hangs out together. I think we’re all friends as well as colleagues.

What would be your main reason to stay at Prema?

To see where we can grow to. It’s not just about me anymore in the 5 year plan, it’s about Prema as well and I’m intrigued to see where we will be in the future.

Garreth is a Styling Director at Prema, Freelance Editorial Stylist & Global Master for KMS California. Check out his instagram @garrrrry

Meet Sarah-Jay

How long have you worked at Prema?

Just over a year.

Were you scared when you first started working at Prema?

Yes, I was intimidated, it’s scary coming from a smaller salon to Prema.

So why did you go to Prema?

I was wanting to change salons and find somewhere that I could get a good education. I am friends with Dale and we met up and he said I should apply there.

Have you been given education while you’ve been working there?

Yes, heaps. I was thrown straight into the Master Colourist Program and have had lots of other education from the people I work with. I feel like it’s made me a stronger hairdresser.

What is the colour team like to work with?

Hahaha! I don’t know…crazy. They’re helpful, I don’t know it’s like a family.

Mel – I liked her from the beginning because she was real and upfront

Katie – Is a little pocket rocket

Along with the rest of the colour team, I have a proper little Bondi family.

Do you just do colour or do you do other services as well?

Yes, at Prema I colour all day and the occasional blow dry.

What would be your main reason to stay at Prema?

When I first started I was questioning if I made the right decision because I lost my confidence a bit. I had only ever been at the one salon before. But I stayed because I love the people I work with and I feel like I’ve got a lot more to learn here.

How do you feel at Prema now?

I love it. Except for the music sometimes lol… I feel like I’m finally in a rhythm here now and I’m excited to go up to the senior level soon.

Meet Jesse

How long have you worked at Prema?

5 months

What were you doing before Prema?

I was freelancing as a makeup artist and assisting on commercial editorial shoots with hair and makeup. Previously before that I was a pastry chef.

Do you go to Tafe?

My Tafe is in salon education that they offer at Prema. It’s great because you’re in the salon environment while your learning. It’s very hands on which is excellent because the hairdressing industry isn’t about book work, it’s about hair! There’s lots of time to learn and focus which is hard in a Tafe environment with so many people in the Tafe classes. There’s all different elements like colouring, cutting, styling and working one on one with your own clients.

What was your interview like before you started?

I felt very comfortable and relaxed when I came into the salon and I didn’t feel intimidated at all. I was welcomed and the questionnaire I had to fill out gave me time to feel prepared. I got to ask lots of questions about the salon environment and the industry. Zoe was very friendly and approachable, we had a great chat about where I wanted to go in my career and any concerns I had about being an older apprentice.

How old are you?

I’m 25.

What is the apprentice team like to work with?

Very friendly, humble and hardworking. We have a range of ages and levels of progression. We understand the true value of teamwork and supporting each others goals/dreams. The educators and salon managers take pride in supporting the apprentices if any challenges arise, personal and professional.

If someone told you they wanted to be an apprentice at Prema what would you say? Go for it!

This all sounds pretty perfect, did they tell you what to say in this interview? Hahaha no. When I first came for the interview they teamed me up with an apprentice called Elie and he showed me around the salon. So if your reading this and you’re going to come in for an interview I’d love to show you around the salon and answer any questions you might have.

Find Jesse on Instagram @jessewakenshaw