January Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds

18 Jan January Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds


January begins with Mercury in retrograde. This has somewhat delayed the energy for the year starting with a forward fresh momentum. If you felt as though the Christmas period & New Year was a bit flat for you don’t beat yourself up. Mercury our communication planet was at a standstill. If you relaxed & let go over this period it would’ve been magical

Mercury retrograde until 8th of January, I see as a great theme & start for 2017.

So what does that mean? Simply put it means to listen more than speak and be patient with how ourselves & others. Mercury will retrograde again throughout the year so lets begin the year with the intention to really listen to our own inner wisdom & also the wisdom of others this year. Also to give ourselves the gift of a pause or time out whenever we need one.

Mercury turned direct on the 8th of January, just before the beautiful full moon in Cancer on 12th of January. The full moons energy continues for 3 days and this is peak energy. Its like the moment of success in a race as you cross the finish line. The moon is exhalted in Cancer, when a planet is exhalted it is under the zodiac sign it is said to rule. So its like a double energy. The moon in Cancer is a magical energy that asks us to nurture and take care of our soul. 

Little rituals like having a bath, using a face mask, cooking your favourite meal or watching your favourite movie are all great things to do with this full moon. 

How did your mother nurture you as a child? 

What was the one thing she did that stands out? When you work it out, do that thing again for yourself or for the people around you & feel the loving energy of nurturing.

Also with this moon we are encouraged to look into ourselves & ask a question like, “How can I make my soul sing this year”? Create some intentions for your year ahead. Finish this sentence “To follow my bliss I will…”

The moon in Cancer is a water element so connecting with water, drinking it to replenish, swimming, or having a shower & consciously thinking about the water nurturing you are also great practices.

The Sun at the beginning of the month is in Capricorn joining Pluto the planet of transformation. This is a very subtle energy that can create great transformation on the positive side of the energy spectrum or destructive energy on the negative side. This energy may bring the unseen to light, you may discover hidden truths. 

If events around you feel painful look at what truth is hidden, how can I transform this destructive pain into a positive transformation. Caroline Myss is one of my go to guru’s to work with this kind of energy.

It is also working on the systems we live in & the way our society is structured. If your feeling trapped in a pattern of living that isn’t where you want to be this is the energy working on you.

It can sometimes feel frightening as if we risk death if we change. However the supportive energy of the other planets are there to carry us through major change. So have faith & trust & repeat the mantra “The universe provides”

Instead of making complete shifts, start with creating a plan. The Capricorn energy at the start of the month will help here. Start with this… if you had a different life, what would it look like? Start to introduce slowly piece by piece something new into your routine that will move the energy forward. This way you are working positively, subtle changes are sometimes all that is needed for the big changes to happen

The Sun moves into Aquarius on 20th of January. Aquarian energy is like the innovator mixed with the humanitarian in all of us so once you have connected to your bliss & started to create a plan on how to live it. This solar shift in energy will allow us to think outside the box & assist us to do things in a different way. As this energy will be working on us all from the 20th of January you will also find others more supportive of change & things could start happening faster than you imagined. Go with that energy and allow it to take you into the year in a sometimes unexpected direction. You will be surprised what gifts will be there for you.

The New moon marks the beginning of the year for many cultures. This will be on 28th of January & this will also be in Aquarius. 

At the end of the month the energy is fabulous for a new start as this is the beginning of the first moon cycle for 2017. Launch your new ideas at the end of the month with the ne Moon & allow the year to start fully.

From 8th of January we have all the planets moving forward. We haven’t had all of the solar system moving forward like this for a while, If you use the energy wisely in the next couple of weeks I think this is a magical start to 2017.

To connect with your own unique chart & set a plan for 2017 email me for a consultation  at [email protected]

We can meet face to face if your in Sydney alternatively I am available for long distance consultations via Skype.

Big Love and Peace,

Zoe Yelds

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