January Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds

11 Jan January Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds



As I look into the planets for the start of 2018 I am excited by the possibilities of the energy for the month and also the year ahead. I believe if we can use the energy flow available to us this month, it will set things up for a great year!

The Moon reaches her peak as we are celebrating the New Year on 31st of December, this is the perfect energy for a celebration. When the Moon is full the energy is high. This is why some people feel a little crazy around a full Moon. Full Moon energy is subtle and strong, it works on our feelings and emotions. My best advice is to try not to get weighed down in understanding emotions in the first week of January, instead enjoy the peak energy & allow life to flow without over thinking it.

Mark in your diary 1st – 3rd January. Go with the flow & do not over think things.

When we finish a project, finish the year, finish a course, finish a job we like to celebrate. This is the energy a Full Moon brings us as well, so the fact that the Moon is peaking on 31st of December & 1st of January makes it absolutely stellar energy for us to celebrate the start of 2018. Wowee!

I feel as though then the flavour of the year ahead will be very positive. Time to let go of the challenges of the past few years & move into super positive new realm in 2018!

When we embrace the cycles of the Moon the Full Moon doesn’t have to be the crazy time of the month, we can turn it into a validation of the things we have achieved and celebrate.

The Moon will be in the sign of Gemini on the 31st of December & 1st of January so it’s also a great time to express ourselves.

Now is the time to a have a conversation with ourselves or with others (if they would like to listen) about our year that has past & all the things we’d like to achieve in 2018. Spending time to listen deeply in return.

Writing it all down in a notebook or journal is a great use of the Gemini energy, as it’s another form of expression or communication.

Meditation is the other way to connect with Gemini energy, as it’s all in the mind for Gemini. Spend time to contemplate at the start of the year & try to identify the old thought patterns & worries you want to let go of.  Make a decision to consciously let them go. Opening the mind to new ways of thinking & new thought patterns for 2018.

The Moon will be new again on the 17th of January. Some traditions believe that the New Moon in January is actually the beginning of the New Year. This is because a New Moon is when seeds are planted to grow and the energy is fresh. Mark this date in your diary as the time to begin to manifest & start to act on your plans. The New Moon on the 17th of January will join the Sun and Venus in the sign of Capricorn.

Lets understand this energy as it’s also a tool for setting up our year.

Capricorn is known as the builder of the zodiac. Setting foundations that are stable and strong. So this month look at creating a plan to set strong foundations in the area’s of life you wish to grow this year. Get all the detail of the plan sorted, find strong, stable, practical people to assist you in creating your plan.

This is working with Capricorn energy.

Capricorn energy is also about goal setting & feeling good about reaching our goals. It’s very practical though, so we are talking about setting realistic goals & then sticking to the plan. With Capricorn energy we stay grounded avoiding moments of going off into fantasy worlds as we are setting our goals, otherwise there’s a chance we will fall flat and not reach out goals in the end. Set clear timelines & structure. Then I can guarantee, by this time next year we will be celebrating our achievements.

The Sun will move into Aquarius on the 21st of January & with this the energy will shift from being grounded & stable into being a little uncertain & open. Mark this date in your diary to start to open up to new ideas and concepts. These may improve our original plan & take it in a direction that we weren’t expecting.

Aquarius energy is all about change, as a society we are conditioned to question, fear or resist change. However if we have strong foundations set in the first part of the month, then change becomes improvement & growth. So I would say in the second half of January if we are presented with new idea’s, new people, new situations at home or at work we need to jump at them. This is where the magic will happen.

Venus will also be in Aquarius with the Sun at the end of the month so there is great value in new idea’s or new directions in the second half of the month.

If we are thinking of making a big change in our lives then I would suggest the second half of the month is the time to make it happen. Spending the first part of January creating the plan, gathering the support & doing what needs to be done to complete projects. Then launch the new plan after the 17th.

This is the set up for a fantastic New Year!

I’m sending all my love & best wishes to everyone for 2018…

If your looking for help in creating your plan for 2018 send me an email [email protected] & lets book a date to meet.

I look forward to sharing the cosmic energy with you all in the year ahead.

Big Love & Peace,



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