July Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds

30 Jun July Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds


We begin July with The Sun, Mercury and Mars all in the zodiac sign of Cancer.

The Cancarian energy is often I think a misunderstood energy as it doesn’t resonate well with the set up of our modern society. What I mean by this is that Cancarian energy is highly sensitive & emotional energy. Often we are taught in modern society to be strong, happy natured and thick skinned. This is why the Cancarian energy can feel a bit uncomfortable. Its often a mixture of emotions and feelings from moment to moment.

I believe it is a real gift in the year to learn to work with this sensitive emotional energy to discover what lies beneath our thickened skin. As human beings we have the ability to feel & also to understand feelings often over intellectualising them. We might not always like the feelings we experience or consciously choose the events in our lives that lead to these feelings however the gift is in the multitude and range of emotions & feelings we can experience from moment to moment as a human being.

We also have language to communicate these feelings & emotions to others. This can help to relieve an angry or upsetting feeling or activate an excited one. Its all experience the only challenge is when we over think our feelings, reject or avoid our feelings or project our feelings on to others. The skill is in allowing them to flow & in not trying to control them.

All of our emotions are changing & impermanent however when the Sun arrives in Cancer we have extra power to feel & also the gift to experience. Often through our feelings & emotions we are lead to new situations or greater understandings so ultimately this is the gift of the Cancarian energy. 

I can even feel as I type how unstable it may seem, crazy even. My advice is to feel as deeply as you can this month & allow the feelings to flow. The Leo energy starts to kick in at the end of the month, then it will be time to party & celebrate with the people we love.

Having Mercury with the Sun in Cancer gives us the sensitivity to have conversations about things we feel emotional about. Is there something you’ve been holding back expressing because it feels to overwhelming or full on? Now is the time to express it, as others will also be more sensitive to what you say. Feel your way through conversations this month. Honour what feels right & let go of what feels wrong. The gift of intuition is created in our ability to be sensitive and go with the flow. This is a water element at its best.

Mars in Cancer gives us the energy to fight for what we deeply feel is right. Therefore with this energy you may experience some eruptions happening in your life or around you. Allow situations to unfold while you feel your way forward, no need to control or act hastily with this energy as its nature is flow.

Action will kick in in full force at the end of the month with the Sun entering Leo on the 23rd of the month & this bring us back to the fire element of action. 

As part of the other planetary impacts for us at the moment we have had Saturn retrograding since April. This is where you would be feeling as though one or a few aspects of your life is in a holding pattern. This will continue through July however Saturn moves forwards in August so pay attention this month to anything new that looks at though life is getting easier again. Some good events or people are arriving. 

This is the final phase of Saturns’ retrograde this time round. It could also feel like the final point of frustration with energy building to a crescendo. 

If this is what your feeling & stress is beginning to affect your days you have two ways to harness the energy this month to help you through. 

For the first half of the month with the Sun in Cancer retreating from the world is a great solution to avoid conflict. Just as the crab lives in the rocks and ventures out only when it wants or when it needs to, this Cancarian energy is a great time to allow yourself moments to withdraw & regather your energy.

Connect with your mother or the mother within you & discover how to nurture yourselves & others, the Sun in Cancer will reward you with rich emotional support.

At the end of the month after the 23rd when the Sun moves into Leo, its time to be out and about & bringing our social nature to life. Book a party, a dinner or simply spend time and have fun with the people you love. Shower the ones you love with attention, love notes or with gifts and enjoy the rewards of generosity that come with the Sun in Leo.

A beautiful month for connection to ourselves and others as we reach the mid point of the year.

If your feeling overly emotional or excited by your life at the moment & are looking for a greater understanding or guidance I’d love to work with you on own birth chart. This way we can see exactly how the planets are impacting you directly….

For consultations in Sydney, Australia email me at [email protected] I am also available for consultations via Skype.

Big Love and Peace,

Zoe Yelds


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