June Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds

01 Jun June Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds



June begins with the Sun in Gemini. When we look at where the energy of the Sun is focused, we feel invigorated & the energy is heightened. Gemini relates to the intellect or our brains & so when the Sun makes his journey through Gemini we find our brainwaves becoming activated. Our thoughts become busy & ideas seem to flood in, often so quickly we don’t know where they’ve come from. 

It’s a fabulous energy for communication as the ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury who at the moment is moving full steam ahead. Mercury will also come into the Gemini energy field on the 7th of June & while our communication has been slow for a few weeks it will kick into hyper-drive on the 7th of June. So if you need to present yourself, communicate a plan, deliver news, talk to someone about plans you have been working on or a project your launching, the best energy of the year will be from 7th – 21st of June.

Pay attention to who is talking the most to you around this time as the Sun & Mercury will be working together opening up our communication channels as well as our thoughts & ideas. 

In opposition to this energy however, is the retrograding Saturn in Sagittarius. This energy is a road block, it can feel like a negative pull in a direction that seems more like falling backwards than moving forwards. It’s a subtle feeling that you might not be able to pinpoint which area of your life is feeling a bit stuck. 

If you can locate which aspect of your life is not moving forward & feels a bit flat: relationships, workplace, health, finances, travel, spirituality then you have an insight into how to get the most of this halt in Saturn energy. 

Look at that area of your life & ask “Why am I stuck in this” What am I not doing to be able to get what I am looking for in this aspect of my life? 

Even in asking the question with this opposing Gemini’s energy, you will open up the channel into finding some answers. Talk to people about this stuck area & ask others for their insights, opinions & advice. Seek a professional in that area & ask them to give you guidance or teach you more. 

This way you will be balancing these opposing energies & getting the most of the energy between them. Otherwise it could feel like frustration or stress. If your feeling frustrated or stressed then your already in the middle of the opposition so its time to start talking to people & looking for guidance. You’ll be stunned how talking through issues & challenges this month with others, will open up new pathways & solutions to set you on your path.

Jupiter moves forwards on the 10th of June along with the Full Moon. This will give us a beautiful positive expansion energy. This is a great time to express yourself to the world & see what comes back to you. We can gain huge insights into the Saturn retrograde on this day so we look for insight & to release of the old stuck patterns we hold onto on this day.

Caution energy around the 19th of June with two major oppositions. This means really tense energy. This could be a stressful couple of days. Tension energy is often where the things that have been bothering us become more apparent & we can’t seem to contain the energy. Eruptions often occur with this kind of energy so pay attention to how your feeling around this time & try to navigate your stress or emotions with caution. 

These energetic times are often where we build strength & resilience & are necessary for us to grow. To work through these few days stay fair. Try to see two sides to the story to make choices that are balanced & in everyone’s best interest.

The Sun moves into Cancer on 23rd of the month. This solar energy will be a shift, moving from our mental energy to the energy of our emotions. This is the time of the year where we can tune into our sensitivity and experience the subtle flow of energy that brings wisdom. Feeling our way is the theme for the last week of June moving out of our heads & into our emotions.

A great time to set up a retreat like the crab enjoys going into her cave, this is an excellent time to retreat & be pampered. Find some nurturing & rebalance with the mother energy within.

Another month of opportunities to live in the flow this month.

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