March Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds

09 Mar March Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds


As March begins we are working with the settling energy from the eclipse cycle from February.

It is said that the eclipse energy illuminates areas, people or situations in our lives that we will be working with or sorting out for the whole year ahead.  

To work with that energy its important we connect with & remember what happened last month that was unexpected. Who were the people involved?

Then flag that as important to remember. Know that this is now a theme for growth, learning & forward movement this year to help us with the ever-changing nature of our lives at the moment.

Understanding that we are in a flow of change at the moment, this month brings some key energy to work with.

The Sun remains in Pisces until the 21st  Pisces is the water element. 

Water is such a key element to our survival & physical selves it’s important this month to consciously connect to the water element.

Set up a ritual for the morning when you start your day, either as you wake up or before you walk out of your home to drink a glass of water. If you’re not a water fan drink a small glass, even a few sips. As you drink, consciously imagine the water to be refreshing every part of your body & fueling you for the day. 

Much like a car needing petrol we need water, topping up your tank each morning is a great way of connecting with the water element of Pisces.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so this month the Sun finishes its journey for the year through the cosmic energies of the whole zodiac . We might even be feeling a little tired & are unable to understand why? It has been an incredibly big energetic year cosmically with a lot of shifts & changes in our lives. So if your feeling a little low in energy or tired allow yourself some time to rest. 

Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac & so drifting off into daydreams is common with this energy as is not feeling like doing much except laying on the grass and watching clouds go by. Pisces love the ability to escape the everyday stress or routine of life. If you catch yourself taking a moment of escape, go with it. This is what the cosmic energy is calling for at the start of the month. 

Quite often in our day dreams we discover hidden passions & where our heart journeys, these moments give an insight into where we can find true joy. 

Manifestation energy & creative energy is then a product of our dreams so it’s a positive energy to harness for the year ahead.

Aries energy is also beginning to build this month beginning with Venus and Mars. Venus energy asks us to focus on our values, our hearts needs and our income. Venus will retrograde this month so the energy slows down in these areas until 15th of April. This then gives us the perfect environment to pause & look at how we love, what we love, what we value & how we use & spend money according to our values. There is a caution here on wasting money or spending when we shouldn’t. If you’re in a situation where your looking to spend, buy or even sell something of great value, I would recommend you hold off until after the 15th of April. Instead watch & observe the situation while Venus is in retrograde before spending or selling. You will make a much wiser decision after the 15th of April & the energy will then be supportive of positive forward movement.

Mars rules Aries & will be active also in this vibrant energy for the first week of March so be aware of any disagreements happening at this time & choose your battles wisely. We might feel like we want to wage a war with this energy so keep yourself grounded & ask yourself  “is the outcome assured & worthwhile or is the potential for damage too great”. Instead opt for the energy of the pioneer & choose to do things that take great courage, be the leader for a positive outcome. Then you will be working powerfully with the Aries energy.

The Sun moves into Aries on the 21st of the month & with it will bring the full firepower start to the year we are all looking for. This will then begin our next cosmic cycle of the Sun through the signs.

Aries is considered the child energy of the zodiac as it’s the first sign. Gifting us with fire energy. Great to start new projects or simply inject energy into our days. At its worst Aries energy is volatile, aggressive & irrational. At its best it is playful, courageous, dynamic and fun. Being aware of the duality of this energy gives us an understanding of others as well as ourselves. We have a choice whether we work & react in the lightest positive qualities of the Aries Sun or the darkest negative qualities of the energy around us.

This month has the opportunity of bright, dreamy & fun energy to play with. Have the courage to try something new towards the end of the month. An enjoyable way to live through our changing times.

Looking to know more about how these energies will play out for you in your own chart? Do you know someone needing some guidance or empowerment in life at the moment? 

I’d love to work with you with the cosmic energies available.

Email me at [email protected] or send me a message on facebook @cosmiccoachzoe.

Big Love & Peace,



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