May Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds

30 Apr May Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds



May begins with the Mercury retrograde ending on the 4th. However as the month begins Mercury is sitting with Uranus the great awakener.

This is a month for responsible change.

Mercury with Uranus gives us the flavour of change or disruption. We can expect the unexpected with this combination of energy & as the moon is also working up to its full capacity this might be a very big start to the month.

Throughout April we have had retrograding planets and you could be forgiven if your now feeling a bit confused with what’s actually going on in your life. As we move into May we should find when Mercury moves forward after the 4th that suddenly our thought processes kick back into gear with our ability to communicate & the events of April will start to make sense.

We will still have Jupiter, Pluto & Saturn in retrograde. These are outer planets so while our personal world & energy should start to feel more positive our bigger picture might still be at a standstill.

The value here is to continue to research & develop projects we have already started. Jupiter is the balancer so we need to look for ways to make our projects more balanced & harmonious or negotiate a fair deal. While Jupiter stands still & Mercury moves forward we will find people more open to listening.

Saturn’s energy standing still is asking us to stay in the present moment. Paying attention to the tasks at hand. It’s about watering our own grass rather than looking over the fence & lusting after other peoples. Start each day by writing down 3 things we are grateful for is a great ritual for tuning into this energy for the month of May.

Pluto is also at a standstill and will enhance the retrograde of Jupiter & Saturn. This will effect us on a micro scale with the big picture of our own individual lives & also on a macro scale in the big picture of the world. We can see on a macro level institutions are crumbling, wars are being declared & the foundation of our society is no long strong & stable. 

This is the Pluto transit working on us to change the way we live to avoid total destruction of the planet. I know that sounds dramatic but its nothing new. We know our world is unstable & its time to stop burying our heads in the sand. It’s a slow transit that has been affecting us and slowly but surely we are looking at our politicians, education systems, banking institutions, health institutions & realising that they are all broken & we need a new system.

As individuals I am hearing a level of disempowerment & confusion. A feeling that as individuals we can’t always create new systems for the world. 

So the best way to create large scale change is to start on a smaller scale. If we all use this retrograde energy this month to look at our own life structures & change our own decisions we would affect a major change for the whole world.

It’s actually that simple. We can change the future by making changes to simple choices we make on a daily basis.

Questions to ask ourselves to look to create a small scale individual change that will then affect a macro global change.

1. Are the banks you keep your money with the most ethical or should you move your money to a bank that has solid ethical practices.

2. Where are you buying your food is it from a sustainable source & am I wasting as much food as I am consuming? 

3. Are we able to donate money to a charity or non profit organisation or even give our time this month to make a difference to someone we have never met before.

4. Are we conscious consumers using less plastic & creating less waste.

5. Instead of buying a bottle of water, how about we ask someone for a glass of water.

These are things we are all being called to consider & if we make changes on an individual scale it will actually contribute to positive change for the whole world. We would then become empowered as individuals rather than disempowered & our world would pull through this dark energy we are travelling through.

This is the Pluto transit in Capricorn that is shifting the foundations we live on. 

It began in 2008 & will continue until 2025. Pluto energy is transformation or destruction with nothing in between It’s black & white. Its slow moving change so we can choose to make it painful by continuing to live a lifestyle of consumerism which we know now to be destructive or we can make conscious changes month by month to how we live & the choices we make.

This month is a great moment in time to make a change. As Mercury moves forwards with Uranus we can affect a major awakening. 

With Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn retrograde we can look at our own lives & make constructive changes & wise decisions for our own future.

For our own individual worlds & also the planet we share.


Looking to know more about how these energies will play out for you in your own chart? Do you know someone needing some guidance or empowerment in life at the moment? 

I’d love to work with you with the cosmic energies available.

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