November Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds

29 Oct November Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds


November begins with the Halloween and Day of the dead celebrations, amazing energy for the Sun in Scorpio. 

This celebration brings the spirits of the underworld into the upper world. We celebrate those that have passed, death & dying & acknowledge the fear that we might feel about the dark side of life. 

Like yin & yang to me, this is acknowledging the positive aspects of the shadows. 

What a curious month we have ahead of us…

Scorpio energy is often misrepresented, as most people go straight to the common conversation of Scorpio being the most highly sexed sign of the zodiac. 

Which is a part of the energy of Scorpio energy, so lets take a deeper look.

The deeper understanding that is not often talked about is, that in the moment of having sex we are truly in a play of letting go to each other. It is deeply intimate. Often where we are vulnerable & powerful at the same time.. 

This is the deep energy of Scorpio and where it’s true power lies. 

At its highest vibration, we are open, diving into the deepest most intimate spaces. So the highest vibration of Scorpio is when the dark is illuminated & powerful transformations can occur.

In its lowest vibration, we can be dominant and destructive. 

There is a level of trust that occurs between each person & with that a letting go into the rhythm of each other’s energy. This is where the magic happens. Creation stems from this moment. 

Wow!!! We should all be jumping into this flow in November to create magic in a part of our lives that might be stagnant, unhealed or simply needing a boost.

Without doubt this is the most powerful energy of the zodiac. 

We all have it activating in our charts somewhere. 

Those with the Sun in Scorpio or Scorpio star signs, now have the Sun bringing additional power to there own confidence, who am I? 

For those of us with other star signs I would say, to look at which area of our life feels as though it’s in the shadows or feels scary or dark. 

Is it in our relationships, our health, our creative side… these are just a few examples. Which dark room could we switch a light on, to see what’s in there…

This is the most intuitive energy; so this month we are called on to trust our intuition. Scorpio power comes through our emotions however its not dramatic its very controlled “trust your gut” is the best way to explain it.

A mysterious power & not one that’s easy to access. 

I was asked just yesterday what is intuition… I think the best way to describe it is, when you know something without being told. It’s not in the intellectual part of the brain, its not a thinking, it’s a feeling we have. We often have these “feelings” about things & then look for confirmation, by observing what happens next or talking it through with someone. 

At this point the intellectual part of our brain is trying to bring confidence to our feelings. This is us working with our intuition…

It also comes through the water element, so this month we might find going for a swim or taking a shower might be the time we have our best ideas.

The key here is trusting ourselves & feeling our way through the month. 

Connecting with the right kinds of people to bring us into the highest vibration of this energy flow.

Ask the hard questions this month & be provocative in the search for the truth. 

Don’t be afraid to open a door that looks daunting, it might just be where the treasure lies.

With this kind of exploration magical moments of creation will come that are simply divine.

One of my most favourite energies of the year. For myself I am ready to take a dive deep into Scorpio to see what treasure I can find.

The energy will shift as the Sun moves into Sagittarius towards the end of the month on the 23rd. This will be us the positive optimism that comes with the Sagittarius energy. This is when we start to get excited that the year is coming to an end & look at celebrating.

Mercury will retrograde next month at the beginning of the month so if you have any deals on the go or contracts to be signed get things finalised this month.

If your looking for Scorpio specifically in your own birth chart I’d love to work with you. Email me at [email protected]

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Big Love and Peace,

Zoe Yelds


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