Go blonder without the damage? Meet Olaplex!

22 Jul Go blonder without the damage? Meet Olaplex!


What’s all this buzz about Olaplex?

It seems like everywhere we turn at the moment, someone mentions an ingenious new hair service for lighter hair without the damage. The downside to hair products, treatments and services becoming so popular, is that a lot of the information you hear is misconstrued. The only way to understand the ins and outs of any beauty product is to speak to an experienced professional that you trust. Over half of Prema’s colour team are experts on Olaplex, so it’s the ideal place to find out more about the product that our colourists are calling “a game changer” and “added hair insurance”

The Science behind Olaplex:

If you are a science geek, we got the low down on exactly what the stuff is doing to your hair

“Constant thermal, mechanical and chemical action on your hair results in breakages to the disulphide sulphur bonds hidden within the cortex (the second and thickest layer) of the hair shaft,” says Melanie at Prema Bondi.

“Adding Olaplex to a clients lightener increases these bonds, allowing for longer processing time to help reach a cleaner lift, without compromising the integrity of the hair,” explains Surry Hills colour Director Ash.


How does it work?

Olaplex is a solution added to your colour that multiplies the bonds, allowing a lighter level of colour lift, minus the severe damage it would otherwise have caused.

Who needs it?

  • Those with hair that is over-processed
  • Hair prone to breakage
  • Anyone that wants to go lighter without the damage

All in all we thank the geeks in the lab for this new product making the blondes blonder and the hair stronger.


Watch the video for more:

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