September Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds

31 Aug September Astrology Report by Zoe Yelds


As we jump into September we are now entering a new season shift on the Earth. Spring in the southern hemisphere and autumn in the northern hemisphere. It’s a time of duality of light and dark.

This means on an unconscious level we are feeling a subtle change, as we move into a new cycle of energy. A questioning often happens at the change of season and a re-evaluation of our lives.

The Sun is now in Virgo joined by Venus and Mars at the beginning of the month. 

The Sun affects our confidence & our spirit, Venus our values & Mars our action or our drive.

Each time the Sun moves into a new sign we start to live through the filter of that energy.

Virgo energy is an Earth energy, so taking the time to smell the roses and spend time in nature, for the first couple of weeks in September would be a great way of tuning into this energy. 

This will tune our spirit into the Virgo energy, even if our star sign isn’t Virgo.

If you are a Virgo it’s a great time to allow the light to shine in your direction & to be seen and acknowledged for your hard work.

Virgo being an Earth sign is practical in nature and loves to set goals to work towards. It is also the sign of service to others. You will recognise a person with a lot of Virgo energy as the person who puts everybody’s needs before there own. Making sure everyone is looked after, and sometimes burning themselves out in the process. As Mars & Venus is in Virgo this will flow through in what we do and the things we value this month & how we get things done.

There is a caution with this energy. To avoid burn out set realistic goals, perfection is often the drive of Virgo. This month as we aim for perfection we need to make sure we give ourselves the credit for the journey or the effort in reaching our goals, not just for the result or the destination. 

The full Moon on the 6th of September will join forces with Mercury moving forwards. This means we will have a positive flow of energy to enable communication from our soul our inner wisdom may show up on these days to guide us. After a big cosmic August (with the eclipses & Mercury retrograde) we now look to see what has been revealed for us. What has come to light? We will now begin to see people, situations & life in a new light & so now is the time to get moving & push forward on any plans we have been working on. 

Things will flow more easily with Saturn and Mercury moving forward.

We still do have some major heavy hitters with Pluto, Uranus & Neptune all in retrograde. To me this energy feels like when you’re a child learning to ride your bike for the first time without your training wheels. You believe you can do it & your excited ready to go, crazy confident & anxious at the same time…but someone is holding the seat & not letting you take off…

That’s what these retrograding planets are doing to & for us. 

We may feel ready, excited & also a little frustrated ready to take off. However we can sense something holding us back. 

The energy of retrograding planets is to ask us to review our plans. Have we really learned the tools to move forward or do we still need to finish our learning? Can we trust ourselves that we will be ok no matter what the out come?

If you are feeling as if something is holding you back but can’t pin point what it is, I would say let go & trust the process you are in. Back yourself on the wisdom you have gained so far, ready to face the challenges or exciting new situations as life reveals them to you. 

Retrograding planets ask us to trust. I believe the major events we are seeing on a global scale are challenging our ability to trust. 

We need to first trust ourselves to be able to cope with life no matter what it brings us. To feel on a deep level that we have come so far in our lives & have gained wisdom. That the decisions we make now are based on that strong wisdom we embody. If we each begin to trust ourselves we will create powerful, enjoyable daily lives. Rather than being slaves to the system of society.

This is the Pluto, Neptune, Uranus awakening us to ourselves & it is very subtly working on us all. 

The New Moon shines on us this month on the 20th of September also in the sign of Virgo. What a beautiful moment to nurture ourselves first as we wake up in the morning. The lesson of Virgo is that “in taking care of myself I have more to give others”. At this new moon make a soul contract to look after yourself & show yourself love and support.

The Sun moves into Libra on the 23rd of September so our filter will then change into one of balance & harmony. Keeping the peace will now be the vibration we can tune into. A wonderful energy for the last week of the month, spend some time after the new moon to look at the area of your life that needs more balance & look at ways to create change to bring the harmony into that area.

Venus the goddess of Love rules Libra so finishing the month with some romance would be a fun completion to September. Book a date night, send a love note or celebrate your love this week then your energetic launch into October will be splendid.

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Big Love and Peace,

Zoe Yelds


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